Saturday, May 17, 2008

Belgium: Fundamentalists infiltrated integration business

A former social worker from Boom (Antwerp) is sounding the alarm. "The integration sector is infiltrated by Muslim fundamentalists." he says. Minister Marino Keulen is shocked and announces regulations.

The story of Peter Calluy started off in 2004. He then convinced his party, SP.A, to appoint him as social worker on the streets. He would build bridges between the ethnic Belgians and the immigrants, Muslims and people of other faiths. At the same time SP.A municipal counsellor Saïd Touhafi started a youth project El Islaah at De Dijk youth center. It went wrong quickly. Calluy: I got statement like 'all homos against the wall'. The administration of El Islaah in the youth center said: "You Belgians protect the homos so that our youth run the risk of becoming homo." In the end all other youth associations left the youth center, including the homo association Eksit.

Touhafi and the chairman of El Islaah, Fouad Belkacem, incited the youth. "They thought the attack in Madrid succeeded well and after the death of (Hamas leader) Sheikh Yassin they demonstrated with the Arab-European League (AEL) of Dyab Abou Jahjah." Touhafi, then still SP. A counsellor said himself: Oh, it's a question of time, Sharia will be implemented here.

After a confrontation in the SP.A party office Saïd Touhafi resigned. He moved to the Democratic Muslim Party of Abou Jahjah, the successor of the AEL. Calluy: In the end the youth center was closed after the counselors were cursed as "dirty whore" during a visit.
A request by the Mechelen youth center Rzoezie to open a new youth center for immigrants in Boom was refused. Minister of Welfare Inge Vervotte nevertheless already put aside 70,000 euro.

In the municipal elections of 2006, Vlaams Belang became the largest party in Boom, with 29.7%. The mosaic municipal counsel now has a hard, repressive policy of zero tolerance. The chasm between the different communities is even greater.

Flemish minister of integration Marino Keulen (VLD) was shocked at Calluy's report. He announced that personnel of non profits who are active in the integration sector will get a "norms and values" course.

Source: Oracle

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