Friday, July 4, 2008

17 Slaves Liberated From Brussels Hotel

We were not allowed to complain or to ask any questions. We just had to be there at their beck and call, claims one of the slaves.

The police raided the luxury Conrad Hotel in Brussels, liberating 17 women who were most likely working as slaves for the Arab royal family, Telegraph reports. Belgian media described the case as “slavery right in the heart of Brussels”.

The investigation was started after a servant, who was working for the widow of the royal family for 20 years, had escaped.

These rescued women come from countries like Morocco, Philippines, India, Turkey, Syria and Iraq, while they were slaves for eight months.

Charges have not been filed, although several members of the royal family were questioned and the police suspect that human trafficking is in question.

- We were not allowed to complain or to ask any questions. We just had to be there at their beck and call - claims one of the slaves who was freed.

The royal family has rented out an entire floor of the luxury hotel where a room is charged 260 pounds per day. The owner did not wish to comment on the case or reveal how much money has the royal family paid for the floor.

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Anonymous said...

I am sick to death of hearing of this particular"royal family". Throughout history, many a man has wrested a kingdom for himself, his wife became the queen and their children the prices and princesses of the land. Abdul Azziz al Saud, emir of Nejd under the suzerainty of the Ottoman Sultan- note well, Sultan, (a kind of raisin)not king or emperor - did conquer Arabia after the western forces beat the hell out of his overlord and in 1932 proclaimed himself king. With a megalomania never before seen in history, he called it Saudi Arabia.
Thank heavens he did not have one of those 20 syllable Shrilankan names. Neither he, nor any subsequent "king" ever had a queen.
Quoting him, he had 41 sons and many daughters. That is not the manner of a king, that can best be described as a rutting animal with a very huge stable of bastards. To further question the "royalty" of this family, there are now some 30,000 "princes" and "princesses".As long as the west does not give them refuge, the day the oil runs out will see a day to put the storming of the bastille in the shade.

Anonymous said...

These Royal Families from the Middle East are getting away with murder and not one Western country is following up on these allegations.
With their oil they seem to have power over the West.
I just hope we will have alternatives for oil soon and nobody needs their oil anymore.
Their behavior is too disgusting.