Monday, February 11, 2008

Bloch Patisserie closing it's doors.

After 110 years the renown Bloch Patisserie is closing it's doors.

Bloch is known for it's great pastries in the whole Ghent surrounding.

The owner is Jacques Bloch.
Mr. Bloch is the head of the local small Jewish Community of Ghent. Jacques Bloch and his wife Christiane together with his sister Nicole where running the shop since they took over in 1958 from their father Mr. Rudolphe Bloch. In recent years, son Francois and daughter in law Linda have been in charge for the smooth running of the bakery.

One son of Mr. Bloch a known Belgian Judge, is Alain Bloch.

Mr. J. Bloch explains that he has to close the bakery due to the high remuneration costs and heavy taxes.

Mr. Bloch is known to be a strong supporter for Jewish causes.

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